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Zhongshan Xinwei
hook and loop
It can be applied for a wide array of usages. For instant, you can use it on shoe closures, clothing, cable management, cuff tighteners and many mormore

Adhesive hook
and loop
The adhesives have had to develop to be able to stick effectively all over the substrates.  
We keep strict quality system , each items must be carefully checked before shipping , and also all our items have passed the international test , such as SVHC,OEKO-TEX Standard 100 , ROHS certification .

 Zhongshan Xinwei Weaving Co,Ltd is a manufacturer which specialized in hook and loop tapes, adhesive tapes, cable ties ,and medical bandage. we combined with R&D, and marketing as whole. And have rich experience in making self-adhesive hook and loop ,PUR self adhesive hook and loop , and back to back hook and loop tapes and medical devices.

  Our company have passed the ISO9001:2008, and products passed the quality system,such as BSCI, SGS(ROHS), SVHC, and OEKO-Tex Standard 100. The products are not poisoned, free of heavy metal ,the color fastness of grade4 or superior . Our products are widely used in clothing ,shoes, hats, bag,sofa,curtain,toy, sports equipments, and medical devices field.

现金的棋牌游戏   Our purpose is “quality is our culture ‘’, adhere customer is first ,serving you life solutions,we sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to visit our factory , and believe our hook and loop will fit your market and made profit to you .

Quality Is Our Culture ,Xinwei Your Trustworthy Supplier

Research and produce more than 5000 various kinds of hook an loop ,all products are  Non-toxic,environmental , can use above 20000 times

Heat resistance :Hook melting point230℃, loop melting point 180℃,between 93℃ and -56.7℃ can keep1000 hours.

Cold resistance:-20℃ can use,more low temperature ,tensile will be more strong ,but it wil reduce the  durability

Water resistance: Keep 50% tensile strength in the  water , it can restore  after dry .

Drug resistance: Alkaline soda 50%,ammonia28%,,Hydrochloric acid 2.5%,Nitric acid 3.5%,our hook and loop not been effected .

hook and loop tension test

Peel Strength(g/cm)Transverse Tensile(g/cm2)
before use250+850+

Dear valuable customer

Welcome to visit Zhongshan Xinwei Weaving Co;ltd website

There are various kinds of items for you to choose,should any of our items be of your interest , contact us without hesitant, we will

serving you with patience , meanwhile, if you

have any new idea,new items, we can  research develop  for you

Every year, our research team will develop many new items with new design ,new color to closing the changing market,we will update

products in our website .

Thanks for your attention .

Sales Director :Lucy Yan  

Mob : 0086-13450976456  


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